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Leslie began shooting professionally with a wedding photography studio in Cleveland, Ohio. After 3 years she worked independently as Leslie Jean LLC., prior to accepting an invitation to join a studio in New York. While there she continued to explore projects presented by the people she was meeting in the city.

With hundreds of weddings under her belt, at some of the most grand venues in the city, she has gained rare insight and training on how to manage weddings of all sizes and cultures.

“Weddings are all types of photography in one day - but under pressure and speed. Beauty, boudoir, portraiture, child and family portraiture, action, photojournalism, and architectural. Not only is shooting weddings fulfilling personally, it is professionally as well.” -Leslie 

Leslie Farinacci, founding photographer

Meet Leslie

The name Perennial comes from the relationships that grew in her work. Her clients would first call her for an engagement shoot, then their wedding…and then a maternity shoot, newborn shoot, and family shoots thereafter. 

 Those relationships, whether they are brief or life-long, are what enables us to create an honest photograph - we connect with you, and enable you to be comfortable in front of a lens, whether it be by yourself, significant other, or family.  

 Leslie Jean LLC was re-branded into Perennial Image in celebration of what we stand for, and in the event of expanding our business. Leslie has worked with many photographers and videographers in New York and Cleveland, and has assembled a strong team of talent.

Perennial Image was founded by Leslie Farinacci, 10 years into her career. While working for a prominent studio in New York City she continued to independently expand her craft and clientele as Leslie Jean LLC and grew solely by word of mouth. 

What is Perennial


Most photos are celebrating an event or family, couple or company. Sometimes they can simply celebrate yourself. To capture that, the photographer needs to be able to connect with you.

- leslie

Our studio is strategically located between Riverside Park and Central Park. Depending on the purpose of a shoot, we have the ability to shoot inside, then get extra variation in looks by stepping outside. Of course, we’ll guide you through your options and suggest what will work best for your particular project. 

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There are some projects that absolutely require studio lighting, such as (actor) headshots and commercial work. The private environment is also essential for things such as maternity photos and young ones. 

The streets and parks of New York have a style and structure that provide an ideal backdrop for most portraits. We love to work outside and on-location for most projects simply for character, but we are able to offer studio work as well.

Studio Space

Leslie has lived and work in Manhattan’s Upper West Side neighborhood since 2014 and the neighborhood is home to many of her favorite shooting locations.


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Haagen Dazs Chocolate

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Gin & tonic with basil 

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“Use it”

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Mute Math

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Riverside Park, NYC & Jackson Field, CLE

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Dried flowers & pressed pennies


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Clooney, always

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John Legend

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Expensive Shoes

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Fantasy Football

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A Special Thank You to:

My inspiring, loving mother, Joanne.
 My supportive father, and sisters.

Greg DiRienzo, Katie Powidel, Rachael Freedland, Celia Beyda, Peggy Press, Leanna Brittis,
Josh Rolon, Clare Solly, Steve Ferdman,
Brad Cohen & Dodd Camera,
Will Cadena, Benjamin Schwartz,
Hermin Jaramillo, Kim Mancuso,  Alison Cooper, Irica & the Berkowitz family,
 Lydia & the Liebman Family. 

A Special Thank You to:

My mentors: Jonathan Koslen and Andy Marcus

The team at Fred Marcus Studio

Power team: Dominique Bell, Sharon Becker, Bethany Kate-Morey, Lilli Wright

...and Big Nick’s Pizza for every post-wedding slice