Welcoming your little one

We encourage coming to you, not only for your own comfort but also to capture your new world and environment. The atmosphere of a nursery, the monogrammed gifts...these are all details that are part of the memory of welcoming your new addition to the family.  

Contact us a few weeks in advance if possible. We want to aim to arrange for your shoot to be within the first 2 weeks of welcoming your little one. We’ll want to make sure we reserve a potential date for you. 

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We offer in-studio photos as well as at your home.

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Our Offerings

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Newborns: within the first 5-15 days, when they’re still sleepy and “mold-able”.

1st baby portrait: around 6months, one they’re sitting up. 

1st Birthday! A significant milestone and they’re features will be well-developed. “Cake smashes” are also popular - these are fun but I like to conclude the shoot with it (can get a bit messy). 

When should I plan to have my baby photographed?

Yes, we bring posing pillows, backgrounds and blankets. We can also use your own blankets. We will review what to prepare in detail once we start working together. 

Do you bring anything with you?

Pastel colors are best to avoid too much contrast. Remember our main subject tis the baby - most photos including you and your partner will be from the waist up. 

What do I wear?

Yes, for both portrait sessions and print credits. We can send you a hard copy or via email. Perhaps we’re biased...but we believe a family photoshoot is an ideal gift!

Are gift certificates available?