We believe in a balance of photojournalism and traditional photography. 

Every couple is different, every wedding is different. We start by getting to know you, your story, your details, and coach you on how to let that be captured in a photo.  Our work is a balance of photojournalism and traditional, clean photography. We like to keep you moving and laughing, but also know when to pause for a traditional wedding portrait. 

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We believe in a balance of photojournalism and traditional photography is essential in your collection. We keep you moving and relaxed, but we also know we have a job to do. There are certain photos, such as family portraits that are necessary - ones that are timeless and archival that we must do, but we do them fast. By knowing your family’s names and reviewing what we need to capture ahead of time, we address everyone by name...both for efficiency and to be polite! 

A wedding day is a wonderful whirlwind. We don’t expect you - and you should expect yourself - to do much on the spot thinking. Just enjoy the ride. We’ll already know that you want a shot with your college alumni, or your mother with her best friends. 

A “wedding photographer” is not only someone who can take beautiful photographs and capture a couple sincerely. They know to enable certain moments, such as a father seeing his daughter as a bride for the first time. We are your creative directors, and hold the power to unlock so many moments and memories….while capturing every single one. 

Our Offerings


Our traditional wedding arrangement is not hourly. We are yours for the day. We would never want to miss a photo, or cause you any stress of our not being there. 

Note an engagement shoot is complimentary with our wedding services! We love to get to know you, and for you to be excited to see us on the wedding day! 



Call us early in the process! We can help you to develop your plans and envision the day! 

Elopements are commonly an hourly arrangement, but we work with you to determine the most efficient service for you. 


There is an intimacy and intensity that is unique to smaller weddings and ceremonies. In many cases, having just an immediate family present truly makes us step back and remember what the day is about.  

Pricing: The flow of a microwedding can vary - with less people, there’s more freedom to design the day to what you want it to be. We structure our pricing to be flexible as well.   

Micro Weddings


With all of our wedding services, whether it be an hourly or day arrangement, we consider ourselves to be part of your “team”. Use us as a resource of advice throughout your planning process and thereafter. 

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 Our pricing is an a la carte design. We have a suggested wedding arrangement that can be tailored to suit you best. Our mentality is this: put your budget towards having the best photos taken. Albums and prints will always be available to you...but you need to have photos you love to create them.  

 Let’s start with a phone call.

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Yes - we work very closely with you to create a family shot list and a list of any other specific requests you might have. This is all part of our process once we decide to work together. You do not need to make a list of shots such as “ring shot” etc. - we’ve got you covered.

Do we make a shot list?

We love to work closely with you and guide you through the process of creating wall art or your albums!  It's part of our service and fulfilling for us too, to know our images are on display.  
All of our individual prints and albums are fully retouched and perfected for display.   
We offer two types of albums with the intention of making them accessible regardless of your budget. 

Can I order albums and prints?

You will receive a “Next Day Preview” within 48 hours, and your full collection within four weeks. 

When do I receive my photos?

Yes. Your online gallery provides access to your files is high resolution and are watermark-free. 

Do I get the files?

Yes. We, too, still enjoy sorting through physical proofs! Proofs have become an increasingly rare request simply for how we manage, view and archive our photos. It’s not uncommon say for Parents to order….etc. Call or email to place an order (the cost is determined by the number of proofs in your collection). 

Can I get tangible 4x6 proofs of all of my wedding photos?

Of course. We take privacy very seriously as photos are very personal.

Can I opt to keep them private and off of social media?


I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to work with Leslie and her team, and how great she made our day. My parents, sister and everyone in the bridal party had so many nice things to say about her and loved her so much. You were so great at keeping everything on time and always checking in on me

“I just don’t think I could’ve asked for a better experience."

Jacqueline, bride

When we come over on Monday I have been told by several people to grab your business card. I think you may be booking six more events (between wedding & business). Thank you so much. WOW!

“These look AMAZING!”

Patty, bride

My friend who recommended me to Leslie gave me the best wedding gift ever. Seriously! I love her. The whole family loved her and she was so much more than just a photographer.

“My pictures are beyond what I could have imagined.”

Lindsay, bride

“I believe it’s the Pulitzer Prize for photography!”

"Give this photographer an Oscar!"

Gregg, groom

Gail, mother of the bride


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Molly & Albert

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Jacqueline & Matty

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Alison & Mitch

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Lindsay & Gregg

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